Astrological Outlook, May 10 - 16 - A Time to Start Anew |

Astrological Outlook - May 10 - 16 - A Time to Start Anew

White Owl
10 May 2010

New headlines have recently been full of dramatic events which should not have greatly surprised regular readers of this forecast. Starting back in early April, there were predictions of disruptions to travel and business as usual for the period of April and May 2010. Indeed, these have been the great themes of the day, first with the volcanic ash crisis in Europe and then with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and more recently with the financial stringencies in Greece and consequent volatility in related financial markets. All these world events flow from the great Saturn-Uranus opposition in effect currently, with recent intensification coming from retrograde Mercury and the April Full Moon.

That combination of influences now behind us, the intensity of recent happenings will begin to die down somewhat during the week of May 10 -16. This is true for all of us, whether we have been directly affected by travel disruptions, environmental disasters, and crises in high finance or not. In our own personal worlds, the same great earthshaking changes spawned by the Saturn-Uranus opposition have wrought upheavals closer to home. For many, the big changes have been emotional, for others, they’ve had to do with career and employment. And for some, the big insights took place in the area of health and wellness. Whatever and wherever, there’s meaning in it all. The recent changes have shaken us into our senses once again, making us sharply aware of what must be done in order to survive and thrive. We have seen, on one hand, where our paths are completely blocked, while on the other, the thin sliver of a trail leading out of present distress.

The week of May 10 – 16 offers power and peace to start anew where that’s required or to take up our efforts again where we may have dropped off. The planet Mercury is key to the energies of this week. On Tuesday May 11 around 6:30 pm EDT, the apparent zodiacal motion of Mercury shifts from retrograde to direct. Though Mercury is a small planet, it has a huge effect on human affairs, as the recent retrograde period has shown. And so, the shift from retrograde to direct motion signifies much. This week expect to see a clearing of the mind in regard to important matters which have become muddled in the last three weeks. Sudden moments of understanding or of discovering vital information may take place, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Look for useful information or perhaps an important confirmation of intuitions to arrive early on Wednesday morning.

Beginning right away this week, we will see the world around us with renewed interest and more targeted perception. This is surely good for the general morale, so look for the atmosphere to shift in a positive direction. Depression and lack of an inspiring vision often plague the retrograde Mercury period. Look for this to clear up and to be replaced with a picture of what the future can bring and a reasonable approach to getting there.

This week will bring the beginning of solutions for recent travel problems, whether public or private. All manner of delays and stumbling blocks will begin to dissolve, perhaps not entirely or immediately, but promisingly so. Wednesday offers news and communications indicating that many of the recent problematic world events are in process of mitigation. In our own personal worlds, it is highly likely that we will, this week, begin to hear from all those people and sources we’ve been waiting on, such as employers holding job application, love connections who’ve been long in responding, and service persons whose call-backs and skills we’ve needed. The wheels of forward motion will again begin to turn.

To help matters along, on Thursday there arrives the New Moon, taking place at the 23rd degree of Taurus. An earth sign which deals with material provision, comfort, protection, and security, the effect of Taurus will help us all experience greater certainty regarding the all-important areas of money and investment. Expect the month ahead to be a fertile field for profit and meaningful acquisition, especially from the New Moon on May 13 to the Full Moon on May 27. Diligent application of oneself to the goals at hand can thus bring great rewards, starting this Thursday around 9 pm EDT with the New Moon. In fact, that’s the best time to set specific intentions for speedy manifestation.

The new wave of energy flowing from direct Mercury and the New Moon starts to move things ahead very nicely on Friday. Look for more useful information to surface that day and on Saturday as well. As a consequence, the weekend promises a somewhat more lighthearted feeling than has been the case in a while. Make hay while the sun shines in this regard by enjoying Friday and Saturday to the hilt. Sunday brings more introspective energies as the Moon enters brooding Cancer the Crab mid-afternoon, taking us into our shells of self and home to feel safe and protected.

The weekend closes with a sober look at practical matters as the Moon opposes Pluto in earthy Capricorn between 10 and 11 pm EDT Sunday. For those in charge of big business, the moment is one teaching of responsibility and accountability to the public. For those of us in charge of our own lives and homes, the lesson is similar. Stick to basics and all will be better than had we not. It’s not a party note on which to end the weekend, but it’s truly where the wheel of time brings us as we prepare for the week ahead.

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