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Implementing The Law of Attraction

21 August 2009

 “Thoughts placed into action create the world of my dreams.”

This week we are going to be talking about implementing the Law of Attraction. Before we even start, I want to address the issue of other people in your life. Please take these other people into consideration. If you are married, or in a committed relationship, talk things over with your partner. Your goals need to reflect what both of you want – sending out the thought that you want a new job, in a new state, then having that job appear, complete with a move, and “then” springing it on your significant other may just cause a few problems! Place an Arsenio Hall “Hmmmmm” here!

To begin to implement the Law of Attraction, you need to decide what it is that you want to attract. Dream the big dream here – if you want a new house, don’t limit it by your current financial status. In your mind, see exactly the house that you want – the location, the size, the number of bedrooms, the yard – see your house in as much detail as you can. See yourself living there, and see yourself doing the things that you do on a daily basis. Where would you be drinking your morning coffee?  Where would you be eating dinner? Where would you be fixing dinner? How would you entertain? Feel the joy that you would feel living in this house!

Know that you deserve whatever you are trying to attract into your life. Know this in your heart. When the nay saying voices begin in your mind – release them. Ask yourself where they are coming from – are they voices from the past (parents, teachers, friends, mentors)? Are they voices from the present (family, friends, co-workers, bosses)? Try and identify the voice, and then release the thought and send it back to them. Repeat over and over to yourself (out loud, or in your mind) that you deserve the best life has to offer!

Act “as if”. Live your life “as if” what you are trying to attract is already yours. If you want a new home, visualize yourself in that home. Then take it one step further, and start looking at the type of home that you would like to live in. See yourself decorating your home, see yourself filled with joy and happiness living in that home.

What do you want to attract in your life? 
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If you want a promotion, or a new job, act “as if” it is already there. As much as you can, dress for your new position. Learn all that you can about your new position – start taking classes if your new position requires further education. Know that you deserve to have this new position in your life. Present your ideas at work – don’t hold back. Listen to the feedback. See yourself performing the duties of the position that you want, and see yourself being very successful, and being acknowledged for your work.

Allow yourself to accept whatever it is that you want to attract into your life. Tell yourself that you deserve it, and know in your heart that it is right for you. Remember that the vibration of your thoughts is what attracts things to you, so make sure that your thoughts are positive and affirming. Focus on why you deserve whatever it is that you wish to attract into your life. Write this list down – by holding it in your mind, taking the act of writing it down, and then reinforcing your thoughts by referring to your list on a consistent basis, you create a strong mental voice, and send a strong, focused thought out to universe.

Take time to meditate daily on whatever it is that you wish to attract. See it in your life, in as much detail as you can.

Give thanks on a daily basis. Phrase it “as if” what you want is already there – in the present, not something that is going to happen in the future. “Thank you for my new home.” “Thank you for bringing my new job to me.” “Thank you for my wonderful, supportive relationship.” This is the way that you build the mindset that what you want is available to you, and that it can be yours. Focus on the good that is in your life, and release everything else.

What we most need to be aware of is that the Law of Attraction is at work in our life whether we realize it or not. If we allow ourselves to remain unfocused and undirected, or if we allow ourselves to come from a mindset of limited thinking, then what we attract into our life will be on that same level. In very simple terms, we are creating our own reality.

When we open ourselves to the Law of Attraction, we are opening up to Spirit, aligning ourselves with Spirit. Positive thoughts are attracting positive things into our life. When we are able to focus on something, and truly believe that it is in our life (or soon will be), we allow ourselves to take the informed risks that allow us to manifest what we wish. We are actually changing our mindset, and broadening our expectations. This allows new opportunities to come to us. 

What are you trying to manifest in your life? How do you feel about that? What action steps are you taking that will move you forwarding getting what you want?

Each week, we are going to hear from the voice of one of our oracle allies. This week we
are talking to the Robin Wood Tarot (by Robin Wood). The voice that wishes to speak is that of the Three of Swords. Where are you experiencing pain and sorrow in your life? Acknowledge it, embrace it – do not fear it. Grieve for what you have lost, at the same time knowing that this is a temporary grief. To heal completely, you need to allow the experience.

Next week we will be talking about self-nurturing. Stay tuned!

May your week be filled with joy and peace.

Best Wishes,

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