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Power Predictions - March 8 - 15, 2010

White Owl
8 March 2010

Have you been feeling as though you were swimming through molasses?  If you have, don’t think you are alone. We have all been fighting a stubborn current in the river of life since late December. It was then that Mars, the planet of action, drive, and incentive took a turn down a dead end side road. Yes, Mars went into apparent retrograde motion around the time of Winter Solstice and has stayed in that condition for two months and more. This means that just about everything has been slowed down and subjected to a holding pattern.

Well guess what? This week the apparent retrograde condition of Mars finally shifts. Apparent direct motion of Mars resumes on March 10 and along with it many important affairs will start moving towards progress again. Which is all to say that this week is likely to be a positive turning point for many, as major plans and intentions come back into focus and move toward fulfillment.

However, there are some sticking points as well this week. First of all, the moon is in her waning phase, establishing a background influence of deceleration and inner consideration. It’s a subjective sort of focus that the waning Moon brings. So that’s one complicating factor to bear in mind. A second comes from Venus, who this week gets into a terrible tangle with persisting Saturn-Pluto square from Tuesday to Thursday. Affections may thus be put on hold while the love goddess interacts with business-like Saturn and inflexible Pluto. Career, finances, obligations and responsibilities take center stage, while fun and good times must wait.

Here’s how the week unfolds. Monday is driven by the position of the Moon in pragmatic Capricorn, requiring out attention on major duties and commitments. The day drags a little toward the late afternoon, while evening brings relentless realizations concerning harsh financial realities and the cold facts of material life. A plan or budget must be worked out. Venus opposes Saturn and we feel somewhat excluded and worried for our futures.

Tuesday brings similar concerns, but midday ushers in concepts and contacts that promise workable solutions for our problems. By evening we begin to feel bright and hopeful as useful information pops up.

Then Wednesday arrives the centerpiece of the week! Mars goes direct around noon EST, and energies which have been asleep or near dead begin to rekindle. We find our motivation and get moving. Today much will clear up, though it might do so in atmosphere of excessively vigorous activity. In fact, there might just be too much positive excitement. Try to remain centered even though the potential for over-reaction and agitation may be great.

Thursday brings the Moon into unruffled Aquarius, while Venus squares ultra-cool Pluto. Watch for blasé and distant attitudes, not all of which belie the truth below the façade. In fact, much of importance may be hidden from view today, so don’t be fooled by those who act as though they have no feelings. All the same, wait and give space. A better day will come for human relations.

Friday is somewhat more settled, and Saturday positively sleepy in the morning time. But the pace will most certainly quicken on Saturday night and Sunday morning, for the Sun and Mercury to conjoin in Pisces as do the Moon and Jupiter. Look for lively and intellectually stimulating discussions and fortunate path crossings Sunday, especially around 5pm EDT. Oh and do note! Daylight Savings Time Begins (where applicable) this Sunday. Remember to advance clocks by one hour so that you will not be late for Sunday morning events!

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