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I wanted to let everyone know that NATALIA2112  will be returning to PSYCHIC POWER.COM after the 17th of August, due to personal issues i have not been able to be there for you all, but I just wanted to say I miss you , Ill talk asap and have a Blessed Day ,
Namaste, Natalia 2112
Post by Natalia at 8/5/2014 12:40:29 PM
The ears are connected to our brains but sometimes it’s hard to listen.  That’s different than hearing you know.  We have so many filters in our brains that translate what we hear another person say into our own personal language.  We hear what we want to hear.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing all the time either.  Otherwise we would be overwhelmed with too much information.

But there does come a time when we have to empty ourselves of all the distractions and interferences that would get in the way of understanding how another person thinks.  Before we ask another person  to listen to our heart, it is important to make a commitment to listen to theirs.  And that, my friends, is the single most difficult part about relationships and our connection to the collective consciousness that we often call Spirit.

In the act of seeking guidance from others, be they physically or spiritually present or both, we have to take the risk of stepping outside a place of comfort that we have developed to protect ourselves from harm.  So how does one step into another’s space without bringing harm to yourself you say?

This is one of life’s toughest lessons.  And understanding the basics of how the human spirit processes information and makes its decisions is indeed a very healing step to take.  When you call a psychic here at the network we are prepared to lead you to the world of Spirit.  Each of us has a different gift and together with you we journey to a world beyond the physical to see possibilities for your future.  Knowing what you can and cannot change is called WISDOM.  And this is what we are here for.

We are here to impart wisdom to you and to teach you how to more carefully trust your own innate ability to seek this for yourself using your talents.  In order for that to happen, you must trust us to guide you into understanding things which might not at first... Read More
Post by Marie at 7/30/2014 8:31:17 AM

Recently I have noticed that many of our clients are experiencing polarity in relationships where a loved one is angry at them for something they didn’t do, for some pain they didn’t cause. 

Please, dear friends, be aware of the fact that there are times and seasons when polarity reversal can cause confusion and heartache for all who are touched by the pain of loss and/or change in their lives.

This is no time to abandon ship. 

Holding up the mirror and asking,

“Did you hear what you just said?”

sometimes helps a loved one to listen a little closer to their own heart. 
And until they can hear what they are saying to themselves they certainly aren’t going to hear you.  Love often means taking the risk that courage demands. 

Reverse roles.  If you were hurting and confused how would you want someone to react to you?  It’s really tough when life has dealt you too many blows all at once. Take a deep breath and hold on. 

Touch the stars and your spirit guides. Try a reading with one of our fine advisors who will help you to see if it’s worth holding onto what you have.  Sometimes things will not change but many times they will come back together if you just hold a mirror up for people to see what’s really going on. 

Sometimes that’s all you can do but that’s how love is. 

Here’s to success, joy and finding our way.
Peace, Marie
Post by Marie at 4/12/2014 4:38:44 PM

If you are a star gazer or someone intrigued with astronomy, here’s a fascinating event for you. There will be a “Total Lunar Eclipse” on April 15th 2014 at 3am EDT. It will be visible in the Australia, the Americas and Pacific.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. The Earth’s shadow consists of 2 parts, a dark inner core called the umbra and a lighter outer part called the penumbra. The umbra may take on a range of colors from light coppery red to almost total black. For anyone up at that hour, this should be fascinating to watch and should last more than an hour.

Post by Customer Support at 4/11/2014 1:00:31 PM
Do you ever wonder what happens when your Advisor is offline?  Behind the  voices and the faces of each psychic here is a person with a life that includes family, friends and commitments similar to yours.  If it did not we would not understand your joys, sorrows and questions.

We also struggle with decisions and even though we can see outcomes a little more than our clientele do we will often ask another psychic to do a reading for us as we are listening as closely as anyone else would to what we WANT not always seeing what we NEED.  We do not control outcomes or change other people's minds any more than you do.

I thank each person here who has spoken with me and understands that things happen to me just like they happen to you.  The loss of loved ones, accidents, earthquakes, storms and other unavoidables of life come to me also.  I trust you will know that what I see in the World of Spirit for you is not tainted by my own problems as I make certain to clear them before I come to greet you.

I also ask that you come to me with an open heart and mind ready to hear the truth that all of us need to see.  That way we will get a clearer reading from our spirit guides who are more than ready to assist us with our questions and show us what we NEED to see.

Post by Marie at 3/8/2014 10:56:57 PM

This is the day that many people look to in order to judge their value and worth as a human being.  If they receive a Valentine’s Day card or are invited to dinner this makes them feel important.  But to just as many people this day comes and goes and it does not matter to them because they may find this day meaningless  since they gave up on being “special” to someone else a long time ago.  Sometimes Valentines’ Day ends up being full of some unusual surprises.

I remember 7 years ago today being one of those days.  I remember coming home in the morning to an empty house, being greeted by my dog and falling asleep, exhausted in an easy chair.  I had worked nearly 24 hours straight doing a triple shift as a college security guard. There had been an ice storm which caused my Supervisor to beg me to stay on board due to the fact that other personnel were having problems getting to work that night.  Much like this year in 2014 there was thick ice everywhere! And so, I had agreed to work the 7 to 3, 3 to 11 and 11 to 7 shifts back to back. 

Before leaving campus, I was told that some flowers had come to the main Security Booth at the Center of campus.  A smile came to my exhausted face as I slowly picked my way up the hill to the hub of campus.  On arrival, sure enough there were 12 red roses waiting for me.  A small card was inside, which I assumed would be from my husband who was out of town for a while in a Blindness Mobility Training Program about 300 miles away.  We had been through a tough time for several years now since his near death car accident.  Once he finally learned to walk and feed himself again, we were relieved but that was short-lived.  Soon he began rapidly losing his sight and the process of learning to be mobile began all over again in a different way.  Courage was at a minimum.  We had spent every... Read More
Post by Marie at 2/14/2014 9:06:35 PM
Happy Valentine's Day!!  
I wish all of my wonderful Clients a very "Happy Day of  Love", also All the staff and Psychics at PSYCHIC POWER the same.
Enjoy this holiday with an extra boost of a wonderful Full Moon, eat the foods of Love such as Basil which is tied to the Planet Venus,Honey,Figs,Chocolate,Strawberries and Vanilla will add to a very Romantic night with your partner since they are the fruits and foods of LOVE, Light and  Valentine Hearts to you,Natalia 2112 <3

Post by Natalia at 2/13/2014 10:50:25 AM
Aad Guray Nameh Jaagard Guray Nameh ,Siri guru Dev a Nameh .
Chanting this Mantra for 11 minutes a day will help place Protection and Light around Travel,open you up to vibrational Attunments,and repel Negativity ! 
Post by Natalia at 2/6/2014 11:41:34 AM
What is a Mantra? And what is the benefit in my life to chant one in my daily meditation?...
A"Mantra" is a spiritual sound vibration that's as old as time itself,
Example the "Om" sound is thought to be the oldest sound to Mankind.
When we meditate I know a lot of people think they have to be. Silent ,breath,and be still,but a Mantra can aid you in a deeper more spiritual level of concentration by giving you something to focus on.And you don't have to be aYogi,or sit cross legged for hours to drink in the power and spiritual benefits of a Mantra ,I wake up a lot of times with one already chanting in my head,Meditation can be a closed or open eyed connection to your higher self ,and to receive Divine Wisdom,you can chant for minutes or days ,I recommend 11 minutes per day to start ,and just simply start with Breathing ,closing your eyes center your thoughts on your Inner self ,and chant"OM",Look up online or get a book of Mantra's ,and you too will find your "Sat Nam" ,meaning your "Inner Light" drop me a note here on Psychic Power and let me know how you are enjoying the spiritual oneness of the Infinite Divine Mantra's ?.
Namaste ,Natalia 2112 

Post by Natalia at 2/4/2014 11:00:08 AM
During the course of advising many here, I have shared some of my quirky sayings that I hope will help clients to understand a bit of how I assist them.  I hope that by sharing it here with everyone that we can all benefit in our dialogue with one another as advisors and seekers.

Years ago when you saw someone walking down the street talking to the air you would call that person “crazy”.  These days we think nothing of it as the person probably has what is called blue tooth technology and they are exercising their ability to talk to someone who isn’t physically there.  It is helpful to remember that long before we had technological assistance,  humans already possessed the ability to communicate through electrical charges (which is like spiritual lightning or a sort of spiritual blue tooth) with those we love.  I encourage folks to rehearse and refine their ability to reach the hearts and souls of those around them by reviving this ability in themselves.  A psychic can assist you in this process.  While you may not have the same level of ability that the pros have you will be able to some degree to develop your own gifts.  As professional psychics can certainly assist you with that process in many ways.

The spiritual fingerprint of which I speak is an important concept to understand.  You see when you love someone and they love you, a spiritual fingerprint of sorts is left in your heart.  It is that fingerprint by which a psychic clairvoyant can read your loved ones situation, intentions and potential future decisions surrounding their relationship with you.  Also, through the use of the tarot and other methods of contact we are able to intuitively reach a greater understanding of your life. Of course a total reading is a little more complex than this but it is helpful for you to understand that this is part of the process.

As you interact with our team of awesome, gifted... Read More
Post by Marie at 2/2/2014 4:40:56 PM
Aura here,
I will be online today between 12:00 pm-2:00 pm and 7:30 pm-11:00 pm today. I look forward to speaking with you. If you have any questions for me about how I handle my readings or anything else please feel free to message me. You can contact me at extension:1288. 
Post by Aura at 1/31/2014 8:48:42 AM
Hello Psychic Power, Natalia ex.2112 here, I am sorry I have not been online for you all I have had flu & Pneumonia  and I am now recovering from it so I can give you 100% insight to your Psychic questions.
I should return on Weds.Jan 28th,2014 between the hours of 11am to 7 pm..est I look toward to speaking to you all,Love and Light,Natalia 
Post by Natalia at 1/28/2014 4:24:51 PM
Recently I was asked by a SEEKER why I use “metaphors”.  To that person and to all who are wondering  about such things, I hope this explanation will help. First of all, a metaphor is a figure of speech meant to help someone understand something in a better way. 

However psychic visions are metaphysical with a spiritual not intellectual origin. A psychic may or may not use a metaphor to assist your understanding of your situation but please understand that clairvoyant psychics experience metaphysical visions to assist them in seeking their knowledge of your past, present and future.  Many of us also use tools such as the tarot, stones and crystals to focus this process. This is how we KNOW THE TRUTH that you seek.

If I use a metaphor from my intellectual knowledge I am not necessarily a psychic.  However if I see  and share metaphysical images with you from the World of Spirit it is BECAUSE I am a Clairvoyant who SEES, SMELLS, TASTES AND FEELS ENERGY IN MOTION around you.  Our dreams often come to us in both a metaphorical and metaphysical way.  This is how Psychics are able to interpret your dreams with you.

I will provide you with as short or long of a reading as you need. What you receive will be as accurate and as thorough an examination as is possible based on the amount of time we have together.  I will   always ask the client to tell me what QUESTION is MOST important to them at the beginning of each reading.  If there is a special message for you that I receive, I will tell you about it if it appears to be urgent.  I would not withhold anything from you that is critical to your happiness.

REMEMBER that in order to receive an ACCURATE READING the caller must PARTICIPATE in discerning the meaning of the sights, sounds and symbols that greet us in the WORLD OF SPIRIT.  Sometimes names and information are given to us very clearly. ... Read More
Post by Marie at 12/14/2013 12:30:38 PM
This week the world lost one of its most valuable vessels of wisdom and grace, the very gifted Psychic Sylvia Browne.  I could give a bald facts history of her life or I could just say THANK YOU to Sylvia and all who believed in her abilities including her guide Francine and other souls who collaborated with her here and on the Other Side where she has now gone. 

My own encounters with Sylvia began several years ago when my computer, for no apparent reason, went haywire the day Sylvia’s autobiography arrived in the mail.  I moaned and groaned to my family about having to put my computer in the shop and just like many others addicted to cyberspace, I could not imagine what I would do for the days and what eventually turned into two weeks that my internet surfing vehicle was in for repairs. Little did I know that this set of circumstances would change my life in a very positive and challenging way.  The time I spent reading Sylvia’s book during this time changed my journey forever.

Although I had done readings for quite some time on an informal basis and had always seen angels and visions as far back as I can remember, I had not yet sufficiently applied my talents in the way I was about to be called to do so.  While working my way through Sylvia’s biography I marveled at the similarities and familiarities of our life experiences. Thus began my journey with dreams, visions and encounters that I could not ignore with none other than the soul of Sylvia Browne. 

When I read Wednesday November 20, 2013 of her passing I smiled, prayed and cried.  However, I knew deep inside that she would now be more accessible to me than ever before.  So to my dear friend Sylvia Browne whose soul goes marching on I thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement as I try to carry on a mission that you and others before you submitted to willingly, knowing that we do... Read More
Post by Marie at 11/24/2013 1:20:07 PM
Thanksgiving is here once again and we are so thankful that you are part of our family. We are thankful that you allow us to help you with your choices and your journey. We are thankful that you put your trust in our abilities. We are thankful that you are you.

While enjoying the feast of the harvest, let us remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. And let us remember the people in the Phillipines who are trying to put their lives back together after Haiyan devastated that region several weeks ago
Post by Customer Support at 11/22/2013 12:35:32 PM

In mid-1993, my father suffered a stroke.  Months later he shared with me that he recalled leaving his physical body and rising above the room to a place where there was a great light.  As he felt drawn toward that light, all of a sudden my mother who had passed on in 1974 came running towards him shouting, “It’s not time yet. Go back.  There are two more grandchildren coming and they are going to need you.”

That same day, on a Sunday afternoon, my husband, our daughters, then almost 3 and 8, were at a mall arcade where we often went mid-afternoon when we were in the area.  All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a gentleman much taller than my husband (a six-footer).  You couldn’t miss him!  He was dressed in a long white dress which appeared to be moving in a breeze but I couldn’t feel any wind.  This figure stared at my children.  I moved a little closer to them and noticed that my husband looked very faint.  I knew that he was also experiencing this same vision.  Just as suddenly a woman appeared next to the tall man.  I recognized her immediately as my paternal grandmother who had passed on in 1976.  She smiled warmly.  Then they both disappeared as quickly as they had come.

Feeling a bit disoriented I called the children to tell them it was time to go.  I whispered to hubby that I wanted to call my parents who lived close to the mall to see if we could stop to see them for a little bit.  I always trusted my father to explain these types of visions.  We went up to the street level of the mall to look for a pay phone (this was in pre-cell phone days).  There was no answer.  We decided to head home.  Both of us were very quiet until we reached home. 

After getting the children settled, I finally asked hubby if he had seen what I had seen.  He nodded nervously. ... Read More

Post by Marie at 11/13/2013 2:42:31 PM
Hello Psychic power clients,
I will not be online next week towards the end I will be moving and going to Salem,Mass. Be back online Nov.4th 2013 Blessings,Natalia
Post by Natalia at 10/25/2013 12:59:43 PM


1 cup of Romance
1 Pinch of Humor
2 Spoonfuls of Joy
1 Lb of Compatibility
3 Tablespoons of Trust
1 Cup of Respect
½ Lb of Sharing
1 Zest of Tenderness
¾ Cup of Patience

Serve warm with a smile

Post by Judy at 10/15/2013 1:44:10 PM

When it comes to psychic readings, many people have the notion that the one doing the reading is super human. They dial the phone with great anticipation, expecting the person on the other end to launch into a litany of prophetic utterances and insights that will blow their mind. This can certainly happen, but it is not the norm. And many end up feeling angry or disappointed when the reading winds up being slightly vague or even off the mark.

So why does this happen at times? A psychic reading is an energetic exchange; thus in order to get the most out of your reading, you have to be open and honest. If you walk into a reading and give little or no information, the reading will be vague because the psychic will have very little energy to go on.

For example, if you sit down for a reading and say something like, "what is going to happen with me and John's relationship?" The psychic may lay out some cards and ascertain that something is wrong and that there is heart break in the relationship with John. Perhaps they feel that John wants to leave this relationship. The client then exclaims, "but me and John are not together NOW!!!!!" Good point, but the psychic was asked about, "me and John's relationship," as if the relationship was still ongoing. This is quite different than saying, "will me and John get back together?" In order for the psychic to be more on point, your question has to be more to the point. And if you are purposely vague in your questions because you are trying to test the psychics abilities, the psychic will sense this on some level and the connection will be flimsy at best. No one will do their best work under the eye of one who suspects they will fail.

Another misconception that many have... Read More

Post by Paul James Caiden at 10/11/2013 2:48:01 PM
Hello it's Natalia  ext,,2112 
I will be returning today10/8/13 Thank You for your patience .
My Siberian Husky was bit by a Rattle snake,I still will have to keep an eye on her condition 

Post by Natalia at 10/8/2013 2:25:57 PM


Actually, you are more than perfect. You are a conduit for that Great Immensity that creates worlds. And I can prove this to you with a simple-simple technique that will transform enemies into friends or a lover into a better lover. When used faithfully this technique works cleanly in 10 days or less. You will see rock solid results in 10 days or less.

Here’s the Technique: Set aside a time at least twice a day to sit quietly and focus upon the person with whom you would like to have a better relationship. In that time of reflection, imagine this person having the very things you want yourself to have, see them having the same feelings of fulfilment you want yourself to have. That’s right, imagine them having the very things you want for yourself. I’ll say that again: imagine this person with whom you want better relations having the very things you want for yourself, see them feeling the fulfilment you want yourself to feel.

Example: Suppose you have a troublesome co-worker; they are always on your back, picking arguments, disagreeing, etc. In your quiet place imagine them having what you want for yourself. It doesn’t matter if what you want for yourself is money, a puppy, improved Spanish speaking abilities, whatever. Imagine this co-worker having that very thing you want for yourself. Really feel them and see them having what you want for yourself. Be honest about it; really see them and feel them having the experience you want yourself to have, glowing with the joy and fulfilment you want for yourself. Do this faithfully for two weeks, twice a day, and you will see their treatment of you and attitude toward you change for the better, more in alignment with how you want them to... Read More

Post by Patrick O'Donovan at 10/2/2013 6:49:33 PM
Hello Everyone,
Natalia here !
I will be offline on the dates of Sept.27th to Oct.1st,2013 I am helping my friend  on a psychic case, but I will be back on October 2nd,2013 ..
Talk to you all then,
Love and Light,Natalia ext.#2112
Post by Natalia at 9/19/2013 12:20:13 PM
   Today finds us with a full moon diving deep into the infinitely emotional waters of Pisces.  This is a time of introspection and evaluation.  A wonderful time to rest and retreat. This is a wonderful time for self care and nurturing.  Meditation can prove especially insightful at this time.  A big message that I feel comes with this full moon, is to fully accept emotions as they come up and release them to the light to be transmuted into something useful.  This is a time of intense emotional upheaval for some and the energy feels very heavy.  Know that feeling these feelings is just part of the process.  Delaying taking a look at these emotions as they arise will just hold us back.  If we want to move forward it is a time to look deep within and deal with that we usually hide from. We must learn to make peace with that part of ourselves and love it back to the light.  Taking part fully in this process of emotional purging, will open the doors for clean, fresh new beginnings in the future.  
Post by Kali at 9/19/2013 11:29:09 AM
Hello to all my clients,
I wont be on Tuesday September 10th,2013.
I was stung by a Scorpion, need to rest that day ,but I will return on Weds. September 11th 2013.Blessings,Natalia 
Post by Natalia at 9/10/2013 2:47:39 AM

To travel to the World of Spirit can sometimes be very comforting and sometimes very frightening indeed as all that we have ever known fades and we enter a zone where past, present and future blend into one, where faces and names appear at random.  Some we know, some we do not.  It is a place where having a companion makes the journey safer and easier. 

Whether through the reading of cards, interpretation of dreams or through the assistance of a clairvoyant this place is always a place to go prepared.  Prepared to understand some things and to be puzzled by other things. We are not always given the whole picture.  Some things may not yet be ready to be known to us as we are not yet ready to receive them.  

It is your complete participation that will help your reader and guide to best assist you with your journey.  Being open to the unexpected is often not something we want and yet once we have entered this world we should not turn around afraid and confused for just around the bend is the happy place which you called about, the reason that you came. It is your destiny.

If today was not a good day or if the person you are travelling with is not the companion you had expected, not to worry.  You can always return with another guide on another day when the pieces fall in place, when the Universe is still ready to give answers if you will only receive them.  And do not be afraid if your heart was not open the first or even the third time. 

Creator is always ready to embrace your return to the place of eternal love where your destiny is waiting.  Take a look around.  Become comfortable with this place called LOVE.

Remember that we love you.  Call us any time.  We are here to assist you.  No offense taken if you choose one over another.  We do the same thing amongst ourselves.  Different questions and circumstances require... Read More

Post by Marie at 9/1/2013 9:14:05 AM