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The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe. Through dedication, study and the divine hand of spirit, Lillian Price is able to use the tarot cards to help her clients understand the options that lay ahead of them. Armed with this information her clients can make an informed decision on the direction their lives need to take.

Throughout Lillian’s entire life she has always felt the need to be a healer. Spirit has gifted her with the ability to read the tarot and led her to become a healer of life. She feels that it is her destiny to help those in need and has spent many years working with people on their lives for the better.

With care and love she will help you to understand the hurdles that we all face in our lives. She believes in taking a positive look into things. Many times her clients find themselves laughing as they delve into their lives, telling her that their reading was the best part of their day.

Lillian appreciates that you’ve taken this time to read her bio. She expresses her many thanks and blessings to you and wants you to always remember that she is here when you need her



10/24/2021 12:37:26 PM UTC
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Praise for Lillian Price

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lillian Price's happy clients have to say.

"Quick, Kind and Accurate"

Lillian is a great psychic. Speaking to her is like talking to a friend. She is nice, easy going, funny and has super insight. She's great at picking up people's energy and explaining their behavior. Just love talking to her!

- Venus in Libra

"Gives info quickly, accurately"

Was not satisfied with some other reader, so decided to try Lillian. Very glad I did! Will call her again and can recommend her with confidence.

- Romanaire

"One "heck" of a psychic"

Lillian is not only very patient and sweet, but is fast and accurate as well. Has always been right on the money with my situations that have already come to pass. She does not waste your time or money, and can see things that other psychics do not pick up. She is one of two on this site that I use on a regular basis. She "blows doors" on more expensive psychics I have used on other sites.

- Bella5

"One of My Favorites"

Lillian is truly one of my favorites. She is great to talk with, clear with what she picks up and a very sold reader. She has been correct so many times - I really trust her insight and predictions. Quick with her readings, and always a pleasure to talk to. Thanks!

- BluBell



- reborn


Lillian is one of my favorite psychics. She is very accurate, very quick and straight to the point. I Love talking with her.

- Love2

"feedback from a long time ago"

I remember Lillian also said (along with Leigha and Samantha) "In One Minute!" -- my guide would marry me if he came back to life!!! can't wait... (what happened to my boyfriend? this is only assuming that we didn't have each other... I ask this because sometimes my living friends seem to be against me in regard to my boyfriend, and my guide is the only 'friend'.. so how much does he really like me? was my question)

- vaganova


Quick and to the point. No time wasted. Nice as well

- lilswtmiss17


Lillian is always great! As another review said, you can ask her the same question over and over, and she will never tire of answering. And her answers stay consistent. She is tried and true. Very solid. Thanks!

- Cali Gal

"Lillian Nice"

she should change her name to Lillian Nice. i'm not kidding, very few people perfectly fit that simple word, nice...

- vaganova

"Quick and Precise"

I enjoy Lillian readings. She is quick and precise. Thanks Lillian you were right along with Kathy and Bonnie....he did contact me. I appreciate how you cut thru the chase and jump right into your readings with little to no info. Thank you.

- all4hope


Love how Lillian catches energy quickly!

- I-delle

"Patient & Insightful"

Lillian is so patent! I have asked her many of the same questions, over and over. Each time, she is so patent, kind and insightful. Her predictions stay consistent and seem to come to pass. Always a pleasure talking with her!

- Cali Gal

"she stays by your side to comfort you"

Lillian is a good, patient listener.. she doesn't try to end it no matter how many times you repeat your worries :)

- vaganova

"Always Great!"

It is always a pleasure speaking with Lillian. She is great at reading people, situations and predictions. She is also quick and to the point. In the latest reading she made a quite specific prediction that is in line with other readings. No coincidence that several are picking up on the same thing. Great and i highly recommend her.

- A.


good advice

- larasila


Quick and to the point

- Mistressleia


Again, Lillian has a good understanding of both male and female reactions in relationship. Lillian especially tunes in well with guys... but this time she also comforted me by telling me what my female friend thinks about me and my guy :)

- *libra*rising


This was a great reading. Lillian was ultra caring, and also very much made sense in explaining to me my situation in a bigger setting. She let me cry, and was a good counselor.

- *libra*rising


she was fast within 3 minutes she told me she feel its not over for me and my kids father give it within 2 months to see some change so i will have faith.

- jodine


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