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The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe. Through dedication, study and the divine hand of spirit, Lillian Price is able to use the tarot cards to help her clients understand the options that lay ahead of them. Armed with this information her clients can make an informed decision on the direction their lives need to take.

Throughout Lillian’s entire life she has always felt the need to be a healer. Spirit has gifted her with the ability to read the tarot and led her to become a healer of life. She feels that it is her destiny to help those in need and has spent many years working with people on their lives for the better.

With care and love she will help you to understand the hurdles that we all face in our lives. She believes in taking a positive look into things. Many times her clients find themselves laughing as they delve into their lives, telling her that their reading was the best part of their day.

Lillian appreciates that you’ve taken this time to read her bio. She expresses her many thanks and blessings to you and wants you to always remember that she is here when you need her



12/1/2021 6:39:27 PM UTC
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Praise for Lillian Price

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lillian Price's happy clients have to say.

"A non-commercial type x)"

Lillian is honest. not pushy, but shows her feelings about whomever in question honestly. which i like, because i can also be natural in front of her :)

- *libra*rising


nice lady but was very off on her predictions

- vichan


Great advisor and connected well :).


"Great Medium, and..."

As I wrote before, Lillian is excellent in reading (living) guys. She told me my man was nervous, and he really was. She doesn't fool her customers, but presents the facts in a simple yet convincing way.

- *libra*rising

"GREAT information in 3 MINUTES"

Fabulous! She gives you important facts in the shortest time... I'm not kidding, you should save up money you spend for unimportant or unhealthy things (like junk food) and talk with her! You can get great info for less than $10!

- *libra*rising


Lillian said I was gonna hear from my employer-to-be very soon, and one hour later, the boss-to-be called!! Picks up very well, and very quick! This was only a TWO-MINUTE reading!!

- *libra*rising


hope evrythng lillian comes 2 pass. she' s a great lady. i liked talking with her.

- vichan

"Always Great!"

Lillian offers great insight, is very accurate and is always quick and to the point. She calls what she sees, and offers great insight. Definitely give her a try!

- A.

"Talented and Friendly"

What really amazes me is how excellent Lillian is in reading a guy's mind.. I can never go that far in explaining anyone's confusing words with so much clarity.. Unequaled talent. And never looking down on the caller. I was a reader, and I knew readers who looked down on their clients, thinking they were tto be pitied, while saying positive words on the surface. Lillian doesn't do that, and neither does she intrude on anything. Just the right friendliness and healthy attitude is what you can expect from her.

- *libra*rising

"I can't believe it.."

Lillian is amazing. She explained to me what my guy meant when he said something to me that didn't make sense. (in regular English, it was so crazy what he was saying..) I can't believe it that Lillian actually made his words make sense!!

- *libra*rising

"Easy to talk to, Quick to the point"

She never looks down on you, and validates your feelings and wishes.

- I-delle

"An accurate LOVE psychic"

I had sort of a fight with my guy, and wanted advice on how to proceed with this relationshp. Lillian was very good in catching both parties' feelings and intentions. This morning we already made peace!

- *libra*rising

"Lillian is so kind :')"

She's very brief when she sees that the person in question is cold or selfish, very detailed and in depth when there is much positivity to deliver! She went, "By the way...," "..., just to let you know," adding lots of information on how loving this person I asked about was x) x)

- *libra*rising

"10000 stars"

Believe me, I wasn't totally honest before in giving some advisors five stars. Out of fear of negative vibrations cming back to me and influencing my life, I gave 5 star ratings for readings I wasn't satisfied with. Of course, I never gave 5 stars for a reader i felt was a total fake. But many times gave 5 stars just to acknowledge their basic abilities as readers. Recently I have switched to being honest with MY personal satisfaction, no matter how strong each reader's ability is. So this 5 stars means ten thousand stars, according to my earlier standard :b

- *libra*rising

"Relationship Expert"

I mean, an Expert in Reading Relationships :p She's a Genius in reading my guy!! You know, when boys pretend they're ok with something because they don't wanna look foolish or weak? Or they hide their worries for whatever image they want to portray? Lillian can tell you exactly what's going on inside.. and you'll see in time that she was indeed right.

- *libra*rising

"Right about my temporary job"

She told me she saw that I was getting a temporary job very soon, and the next morning I got a call back from a place that I applied! They were very welcoming, even suggested me to ask my university to transfer my credits to get the required name of certification in order to work for them! x)

- *libra*rising

"Excellant reader!"

Very in depth and quick!

- Bella5

"CLEAR Communication - excuse me for the series, i'm almost done"

Lillian is so quick in picking up what people who passed away have to say! Amazed. She said what my guy's family wants to tell him, and it was so true what she said they say about him!! I never gave Lillian this information about him, but she got it from the people who passed..!

- *libra*rising

"Great job with males, good with females :b"

She really surprises me with her excellent connections with all the males in my life -- sorry for a funny expression, but it seems like she is especially sharp when it comes to reading guys. She doesn't give too much detail in reading women, but I guess it's because my connection with them are different :/ ...A relationship-expert.

- *libra*rising

"Lillian connects well with all my guys (past and present)!!!"

I asked about my first love (the last time we spoke was 11 years ago!!), and Lillian nailed it again!! Incredible... Everything she said made sense, about how my parents and other people reacted to this relationship (which is now long gone), and that it's not worth thinking about him -- Lol, it was the first time she sounded like she didn't wanna read further cuz he was so not nice, LOL!! I like Lillian's humanistic stance.

- *libra*rising


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