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The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe. Through dedication, study and the divine hand of spirit, Lillian Price is able to use the tarot cards to help her clients understand the options that lay ahead of them. Armed with this information her clients can make an informed decision on the direction their lives need to take.

Throughout Lillian’s entire life she has always felt the need to be a healer. Spirit has gifted her with the ability to read the tarot and led her to become a healer of life. She feels that it is her destiny to help those in need and has spent many years working with people on their lives for the better.

With care and love she will help you to understand the hurdles that we all face in our lives. She believes in taking a positive look into things. Many times her clients find themselves laughing as they delve into their lives, telling her that their reading was the best part of their day.

Lillian appreciates that you’ve taken this time to read her bio. She expresses her many thanks and blessings to you and wants you to always remember that she is here when you need her



10/24/2021 12:39:32 PM UTC
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Praise for Lillian Price

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This time Lillian wasn't hitting it, or I changed the outcome.. Lillian said what I was waiting for was in the garbage, and was pretty negative about my getting it. but I got it today. Lillian was still half right, that if people really search for it it will be found. Dear Psychic Power: you don't have to post this, you can just keep it as a record. Another one of my regulars, Serena, also got this one wrong. It's funny that only my non-regulars that I tried for the first time got it right! So puzzling!

- *libra*rising


Lillian is quick to pick up information and is always on point. She's great to call when something pops up and you need a bit of extra insight. I would say that calling her is like calling a friend - though one with great psychic ability. She is easy to talk to, and also someone who is happy to keep it quick and on point. She is truly one of my regular go-to's and a definite favorite on the site. Highly recommend her. And she's very accurate.

- Sol


Quick to tune in and gave me hope. Told me to just be patient with him and everything will be fine, our relationship just takes time to develop

- Mistressleia


she was honest and accurate about what she see for me and my kids father she dont waste ur time

- jodine


Your reading was on point and you were absolutely right. Thanks!

- all4hope


Great insights. I love the way you quickly assess and was able to dive right into my reading. You definitely were on point with your advice and the current status of the situation. Thanks for sharing your gift.

- all4hope


Thanks but your prediction was off

- lilswtmiss17

"SPOT ON!!!!!"

Lillian I don't know how you do it. You were spot on...he called two days later just like you said. I appreciate your readings because they are brief and you are able to zero in on our energy and situation. Your style is direct and to the point. Thanks for your insights and help. Now to see if the rest of what you said comes true too....I sure hope so because I like what you told me. =o)

- all4hope

"Real Psychic"

Lillian uses real psychic ability, instead of taking your money for just saying {common sense} predictions and explanations. She won't waste your funds!

- *libra*rising


I still feel she gives me more details when reading men than when reading women, but she doesn't miss the point in any case. Excellent with my guy.

- *libra*rising

"Tunes in well with just Clairvoyance"

I spoke with Lillian this week, but the record isn't on my member page. I found a record for "0 minutes" so I'm using this one to give a feedback.. Without any cards or tools, Lillian reads the people around me accurately. She (and other advisors) said the lady who was hostile was softening up about me and my man. It was very true.. Right about my man, too, as always.

- *libra*rising

"Lover her mediumship"

I wrote something like this before, but Lillian is a Great Medium!! Try her if you want to hear what people who have passed say! I was totally convinced when she did this for me :) :)

- *libra*rising

"Nice person :)"

She told me many times, "That //////////(my perpetrator) isn't a nice person!" -- and it was true. She got the energies of the nice people around me, too. I like the way Lillian sees people :)

- *libra*rising


Lillian's reading doesn't change... She sees the essence of each matter.

- *libra*rising

"Very Kind"

Lillian was very kind to me in this reading.... Thank you

- *libra*rising

"Great if you wanna stick to facts"

Although I think Lillian lacks a little in , she is straight and understanding, and won't exaggerate anything. I recommend her for callers who want straight facts. She doesn't express much, but she is compassionate, and remembers your story, wishing you the best outcome...

- *libra*rising

"Quick and Accurate"

I'm sure she would be average 5.0 if she switched to the mindset of an entertainer (holding on to her psychic ability, of course). Lillian is just not the $business-woman$ type.

- *libra*rising

"Reads well without tools!"

Lillian gave me a detailed reading without any tools! She doesn't need cards! Well, at least if you've connected with her a couple of times in the past, and she "knows" you psychically, you can count on her to give you accurate reading with no tools. Thanks...!

- *libra*rising

"Consistently good"

Strong reader. Very consistent. Will call her again.

- Hobe





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