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Francesca is a 3rd generation clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic reader. Simply put, this means she can hear, see and feel the answers to your most perplexing questions. For over 13 years, she has been providing professional readings and over all these years, she has continued to work hard to develop her gifts as she is fully aware that a good reading will provide transformation when accurate and specific information is given, and that’s what she strives for; to serve in truth and light.

Readings should be purposeful, not confusing, and Francesca is here to empower you so that you can make the best choices in your life.  She wishes for you to leave her sessions with clarity and peace of mind in all areas of your life that concern you. While she believes it’s essential you only receive what she authentically is given as the truth, she is empathic so she will feel your pain to some extent, which  gives her the unique position to be objective and yet, compassionate. She feels deeply honored to serve you and will connect to the divine on your behalf.


5/21/2022 6:23:34 AM UTC
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Praise for Francesca

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"A clear understanding of my Situation "

Had ?'s about my POI. Francesca provided an understanding fir me as to his intentions are with me. I felt we were going well but told me by summer this is a full blown deeply connected relationship. Because of my POI's past keep communicating, this is the key.

- Fire of Aries

"Always on point!"

The best

- reborn

"Always Incredible "

Francesa is nothing short of amazing. I talk to her all the time and don’t ever give her enough credit on here. The things she picks up on and predicts constantly blow my mind. She is truly gifted.

- sunnygirl

"Contacted POI"

Well I went and text a POI because I felt I knew why he hadn't contacted me. In his text back he confirmed my suspicion. Francesca said he was glad and relieved however he feels his life is a mess right now. Nothing g more I can do. My other question was about a job within my firm. Applying to do something different. She sees by August I should be in another position. She kept hearing 3. Maybe the 3rd job I apply for. We'll see

- Fire of Aries

"She did it again!!"

I would like to ask everyone to write in to ask for Francesca to get a raise.I've been reading with her for many years now and she is the kindest lady and always so accurate.If you haven't had the oppurtunity for her to read you yet may I suggest you do.You will not be dissapointed and you'll be amazed at how fast she is.

- reborn


Francesca spoke about a situation that would never go anywhere and that I would win and it happened just the way she said it would. She is the best!

- reborn


Had a 1st date 1 week ago with J. He's been thru a lot and I am a little further along in my journey. Did have sex. But we talked about what we both really wanted in our life. Francesca said he is very overwhelmed of how it went in a good way. He will contact me she thinks in about 2 weeks. We'll see. I will always wish him well but felt like we made a connection.

- Fire of Aries


5/25/21. I read with Francesca few times. She has been consistent On outcome with my ex. Said we never should been separated. He is Coming back. He know now that it’s major mistake being with someone. Not going good. Not happy. 2nd half of this yr everyone will know they are done. April/May divorce will be final. I will check back. Ty.

- Star50

"Calming my Mind"

Told her I was calling about a past relationship trying to get clarity on. She said the#5. At 1st I was confused then was 5 years ago. Wow!! He married and as I am aware I'm an empath his decision to marry hasn't worked out. The story of this man and I is not over, per Francesca. My feelings are not unrealized. Time will tell.

- Fire of Aries

"The best!!!"

Fast, quickly, direct and most importantly right on!

- sunset0725

"Never disappoints "

Francesca’s prediction can be a little delay at times, but they are always spot on.

- sunset0725


She is a 10 plus

- reborn


Francesca is just crazy fast and accurate

- reborn

"Never Stops To Amaze Me!!!"

Once again Francesca was right about some events that are now coming true;always fast and such a super nice person! Thank you!

- reborn

"Always Great"

Francesca is the real deal. She is quickly to the point and won't waste your minutes. Her predictions are sometimes a little delayed, but ALWAYS right.

- krolbarreto

"So,So fast"


- reborn


So fast!

- reborn

"The Best"

Always so nice!

- reborn

"The Best!"

She is always accurate, consistent and direct to the point. She doesn’t waste your time! She is the best.

- Sunset1206

"The Best!"

Francesca is the best. I have been speaking to her for years and she has never been wrong. Sometimes her timelines are a little off, but eventually everything pans out like she says it will. My go-to- she has NEVER steered me wrong!!!

- Kim523


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