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Francesca is a 3rd generation clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic reader. Simply put, this means she can hear, see and feel the answers to your most perplexing questions. For over 13 years, she has been providing professional readings and over all these years, she has continued to work hard to develop her gifts as she is fully aware that a good reading will provide transformation when accurate and specific information is given, and that’s what she strives for; to serve in truth and light.

Readings should be purposeful, not confusing, and Francesca is here to empower you so that you can make the best choices in your life.  She wishes for you to leave her sessions with clarity and peace of mind in all areas of your life that concern you. While she believes it’s essential you only receive what she authentically is given as the truth, she is empathic so she will feel your pain to some extent, which  gives her the unique position to be objective and yet, compassionate. She feels deeply honored to serve you and will connect to the divine on your behalf.


12/11/2019 12:10:15 AM UTC
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Praise for Francesca

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she dont think me in him over . we shall see what happen in summer times

- jodine


Francesca is AMAZING-ACCURATE-THIFTY with your time. Her predictions come to past time and time again. I love her and consider her one of my go to advisors.

- T In Maryland


She's one of the best!

- presntandfuture

"Very good"

Very good

- cap521

"Very good"

Very Good

- cap521

"Happy read"

Happy read but hope it comes to pass

- Lovely61


Very sweet. Fast reading. Lots of info.

- Diva101


So grateful to Francesca for her endless support and compassion. She has continued to uplift me during a very difficult time. Her predictions continually come to pass - and she provides endless insight and optimism about the future. So grateful for her help during this time.

- Sol


Great reading. Super nice.

- Jules


Very nice lady. Hope her predictions pass. Gave me a good timeline and understanding of people involved.

- mm101


Great reading. Thanks for your guidance and insight!

- A.


told me by next week we will be together.

- jodine

"So quick!! "

Francesca is so quick and detailed and very confident. I am desperately waiting for her predictions to come true end of this month . ( sorry I had to hang up today as someone walked in). Can't wait to talk again as I had some specific Qs.Thank you, francesca!

- Diva1030


Read with her a few times and all predictions came to pass!

- Lovebear

"Fantastic "

Wonderful reader!

- Smile500

"Francesca was right!"

Francesca said she felt a certain event would happen on Saturday and it did! Right again! If you haven't called her, give her a try. She is very quick and accurate. Thanks!

- Venus in Libra

"Excellent!! Thank you!!"

I am always very grateful t be able to speak with Francesca. She is very quick, accurate and always guides me on the most positive path. She is definitely very, very gifted!!

- Cali Gal

"Super Quick, Super Accurate"

Francesca is amazing! She is very quick to pick up energy, extremely kind and very accurate. She has predicted many things which have come to pass for me. She's also great at picking up what people are feeling. If you want spiritual guidance with a gifted intuitive, give her a call!

- Venus in Libra

"good reading"

quick and to the point, thank you. will update if predictions come to pass.

- moonchild


I have spoke to many on this site and I am fairly new. Aside from Rain, Francesca is the only one I truly felt connected to and who really knew what was going on in my life without me having to spew all the details myself! All still remains to be seen, but she gave me so much in this call than she even realizes. I believe all that she has stated, now on the business side it is up to me to start that train moving! God helps those who help themselves. As far as the romantic side, I have no doubts to what she sees happening. Thank you! Waiting to speak to you was so worth it. God Bless...............M

- Marian


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