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Francesca is a 3rd generation clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic reader. Simply put, this means she can hear, see and feel the answers to your most perplexing questions. For over 13 years, she has been providing professional readings and over all these years, she has continued to work hard to develop her gifts as she is fully aware that a good reading will provide transformation when accurate and specific information is given, and that’s what she strives for; to serve in truth and light.

Readings should be purposeful, not confusing, and Francesca is here to empower you so that you can make the best choices in your life.  She wishes for you to leave her sessions with clarity and peace of mind in all areas of your life that concern you. While she believes it’s essential you only receive what she authentically is given as the truth, she is empathic so she will feel your pain to some extent, which  gives her the unique position to be objective and yet, compassionate. She feels deeply honored to serve you and will connect to the divine on your behalf.


12/11/2019 12:12:25 AM UTC
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Praise for Francesca

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"Another Great Reading"

Thanks Francesca for another great reading! Francesca is a very gifted person, and also a very spiritual person. Truly a pleasure to speak with her. Her readings are consistent, quick and very clear. Fantastic!!

- CaliGal

"Francesca's Price Is Rising, But She's Worth Every Penny"

Francesca sorta have established herself quickly via her warm personality and accurate interpretations of what is presented to her. I have benefited greatly from your advice about what could be if I make wise/informed choices. Her price has gone up quickly, but you will also receive your answers quickly- with no waste of your time and money. I was hoping that so many folks wouldn't find out about this hidden gem as it would me that her avail would be less, but she deserves the praise and climbing clientele. I love her presence. Good luck with your reading. I have spoken to folks charging way more over the years, and received less of a result. So, give her a call.

- T In Maryland


shes super good she don't change her stories she told me by march things gonna be different for me and shes super nice

- jodine

"Phenomenal "

Francesca told me things she could not have known without special ability.Waiting to see if her newest predictions come true.Kind,excellent skills,doesn't keep you on too long,doesn't rush you off.She's an r expected surprise.Very,very,gifted.

- Grace65

"Blown away"

Finally, a new reader on here that is worthy of a second call. She tunes in ridiculously fast and even interrupted me before I could get my question out to ask if I was a psychic myself because she said she picked up that I myself am an empath, clairaudient and clairvoyant. Only (in my opinion) the best psychics on here have picked that up (Rain, Patience, Marie, Marti.) Will definitely call back!

- Mistressleia


she rock she told me that by march she see me and my kids father will be together again

- jodine


Francesca is super accurate and very nice. She is very quick with her answers, clear with what she says and very accurate. I am so happy to have been able to connect with her and will be calling again. Thanks for the great reading Francesca!

- CaliGal

"5 stars"

First time reading! Give her 5 stars! Thank you! Very nice to talk too.

- presntandfuture


Finally someone that's accurate with my situation! Didn't ask questions, just went right into it! Hopefully predictions come about, although I know timing isn't always right, I'm confident about it. Our time was short but I got confirmation which is what I needed. I don't like wasting anything, especially money. So now that I know who I can connect with, I don't mind spending money on someone who I know has my best interest to help when it comes to my concerns. Thanks, will call back

- Shanal22


Francesca is an amazing reader. She tuned in right away and was very accurate about my situation. I will most definitely be calling her back. WIsh that she could be on more often she is one of the best!!!!!

- :)


Francesca is amazing! A very, very gifted psychic. And a very, very, kind person. Just adore talking with her. Will most definitely call again. Thank you!

- A.

"Reading with Francesca"

Francesca is AMAZING! She predicted that I would be visited by family members- turns out 3 visited me at once in a dream the day after XMAS. I believe their visitation made my year as it was symbolic of the fact that they remain with me and continue to walk over my life. I was so stunned that I phoned Francesca back within the week to inform her that her vision had materialized... This all comes at a point in my life in which I'm also experiencing a transition in my career. She gave good advice in that area as well, and I plan to incorporate such into my daily living and career paths. Francesca is new to the line up, but she very accurate- so you may want to get your calls into her before her pricing start to reflect her actual gifts!

- T In MD

"Gifted Beyond..."

Truly a highly gifted, talented reader who utilizes many skills, give deep, detailed insights, and leaves her clients uplifted, refreshed, and... Empowered! She is consistent, doesn't waste any time, and is very clear with imparting your personal message. Will call her again... And again...and again. She's that good!

- Romanaire

"One of the Best!"

Francesca is great! Super kind, quick and easy to talk with. Will call her again. Predictions were almost identical to others - so we will see. Great insight. Gifted!

- Venus in Libra

"Great Second Reading"

I had forgotten to ask Francesca a very important question during our first reading, so I was happy to see her back on and called right away. It was a pleasure speaking with her again, and I was equally impressed with how quick and accurate she was. I am following her advice on how to move forward with my situation, and her predictions and timeline were identical to those of another reader who has proven to be very, very accurate. Thanks so much Francesca and I will definitely call again!

- Sol

"Love her!"

I saw that Francesca is new, and decided to give her a call. I am so genuinely happy that I did - andI will definitely call her back again soon. I told her my situation, and she quickly tuned in to my energy. What she told me was very accurate - quite an amazing read. She was kind, easy to speak with, and had a very high level approach in her answers - really helping me to see things from a healing perspective. She also provided me with predictions for the future, which I truly hope will come to pass. Francesca is a very gifted intuitive guide, and I look forward to speaking with her again soon!

- Sol


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