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Francesca is a 3rd generation clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic reader. Simply put, this means she can hear, see and feel the answers to your most perplexing questions. For over 13 years, she has been providing professional readings and over all these years, she has continued to work hard to develop her gifts as she is fully aware that a good reading will provide transformation when accurate and specific information is given, and that’s what she strives for; to serve in truth and light.

Readings should be purposeful, not confusing, and Francesca is here to empower you so that you can make the best choices in your life.  She wishes for you to leave her sessions with clarity and peace of mind in all areas of your life that concern you. While she believes it’s essential you only receive what she authentically is given as the truth, she is empathic so she will feel your pain to some extent, which  gives her the unique position to be objective and yet, compassionate. She feels deeply honored to serve you and will connect to the divine on your behalf.


10/24/2021 1:31:16 PM UTC
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Praise for Francesca

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Francesca's happy clients have to say.

"Keeping Sane During COVID"

Francesca has been Amazingly Accurate and a soothing soul to a small business owner trying to thrive during the uncertain times of COVID, while trying to also purchase a home. She has been detailed and clear about her vision which has put me at ease in many moments over the years. She is worth every penny and more!

- T In Maryland

"10 STARS"

Francesca is the Best!!

- reborn

"The Best"

Francesca is always so kind and accurate, The speed that she reads is unbelievable. WOW!!!

- reborn

"Always direct!"

Francesca is absolutely great! She is direct and don't waste time going around in circles. Her predictions are spot on, sometimes the time is a little delayed, but predictions do happen.

- Sunset

"Please Stay on longer tonight"

Hi Francessca can you please stay on longer tonight? I really want to talk to you about BK but unable to get online because it has already reached the maximum amount of callers.

- Ladyofstandards

"My point psychic to call"

Always, a very good listener and comforting. She is my point psychic to call.

- Bringanew

"Great, Great Advice"

Always, as a good listener, I thank you for your advice.

- Bringanew


I’ve been speaking with Francesca for about six months now, and I always feel better after speaking with her. Her insides are very accurate, and I appreciate her being there for me. Thanks so much!

- Mooney47

"Francesca is the best"

I've been talking to Francesca for about 2 years as I had started my spiritual journey. She is simply the best. She is beyond a spiritual advisor, reader, gifted blessing of a person. She is your family, your best friend, your therapist, & the most reliable human being in your life that you can have. Thank you Francesca for being who you are. I am so grateful you are in my life. God bless you... If you want answers, simply write down your questions & give her a call. You won't be disappointed...

- Seraphina

"Great, Great Advice"

I always look forward to the conversation. She is a great listener. I look forward to her advice. Thank you, Francesca.

- Bringanew

"Comforting "

She brings a calmness to you while responding to your troubles. Very good feeling.

- Bringanew

"Help is here"

She gives that thoughtful caring help.

- Bringanew


The Best!!!

- reborn

"Very Comfortable"

Francesca makes you feel very comfortable in addressing your concerns. She is a very good listener and her replies are great. I definitely recommend her ASAP. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Francesca😊


"Wonderful Sense of Peace"

Francesca confirmed things that I had been feeling and also a few surprises. A list of things has happened that let me know that I am heading in the right direction. It gives me a sense of peace.

- JustRozelyn

"Always spot on!"

She is amazing!

- Bella5


Amazing reading!! REALLY tuned in to my situation :)

- xoNewEnglandGirlxo

"Grateful for picking Francesca "

Called on impulse and chose francesca because I gave same name. Silly reason but I guess someone wanted me to connect with her tonight. Had a very positive experience. She gave me both good and bad news but it was all given professionally and compassionately. I hope her prediction for this spring summer come to fruition. Thank you Francesca and sorry I did not have time to say ciao:)

- Fresca

"On Top of Her Gift"

Talking to Francesca is always a breath of fresh air. She reassures me, explains everything in detail, & leaves me feeling empowered by her words. Her level of detail on the soul level is simply amazing. Her level of detail in everyday life matters - is even more amazing. Keep up the great work!!! You're awesome!!!

- tinyangel


Straight to the point. Extremely gifted

- lumi


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