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Leigha was born psychic. The gifts she inherited are from her grandmother, Ellen, and her mother, Laura, and on down the line of the family tree on her mother’s side.

Some of the tools she uses, along with her Spirit Guides and psychic abilities are tarot card, runes, pendulums, candles and meditation. Depending on your needs and your desired outcome, she often uses several methods for reinforcement and accuracy.

As an advisor she will look deep inside to the root problem and help you end the grief that has stopped you from moving forward in your life.

Situations such as continuous failed relationships; trapped in an unfulfilled career choice; a forbidden or unrequited love; emotional, physical abuses and more.

Leigha’s readings are truthful. She will not sugar coat or fabricate only to tell you what you want to hear. She believes that a true reading gives you the advantage to make changes in your life to benefit from and be able to achieve true happiness, to be able to love the right person and not waste your time on the wrong connection only to be hurt over and over again.

In Leigha’s words: You can’t give love and happiness to someone else if you don’t already love yourself and are happy within. How can you give what you don’t already possess?



5/28/2023 2:46:40 AM UTC
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Praise for Leigha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Leigha's happy clients have to say.

"Always insightful "

Great feedback. Will call again.

- towanda2437

"Birthday reading"

Great reading. Looking forward to October

- towanda2437


Always a pleasure talking to her even after a year. She confirm that my husband loves me but he is afraid for his health situation. Sometimes he wish that I will leave him because he doesn't like the idea of me taking care of him. Of course I'm not going anywhere. She confirm that my mom will be able to visit me this summer even in this pandemic mess. She also see her selling the house and me buying a house over here. I'm glad I was be able to talk with her today now I feel much better that he doesn't talk to anybody and that he is not going anywhere. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie


I read with Leigha back in March and she warned me about my POI - he’s notorious for being hot and cold and pulling back as we got closer...so true!! I look forward to this man you see me meeting either in Aug or Sep. You also mentioned that things won’t work out with his current GF, what a relief and that he’ll be getting a promotion once this pandemic is behind us we things go back to normal. You’re outstanding Leigha! Thank you kindly!!

- LifeIsBeautiful


Dear Leigha, We got cut off while you were speaking, because I ran out of funds.. It was such a pleasure to talk about angels with you! I really appreciated that you focused on "angel angels" (coming straight from Heaven, instead of spirits who were once living as people on earth) upon my request! I'll write the books related to angels that I especially loved in another feedback form (hoping you'll be able to see them)...

- vaganova

"2-20-2020 feedback: books on angels"

The titles are "Love from Heaven" and "A Message of Hope from the Angels"!! I knew you'd be great at reading angels! thank you for the name of one of my angels!!

- vaganova


She really help get things clear.

- Dianepf

"A True Friend"

Leigha really cares for you as a friend. She's very quick and to the point, has humor, and quite sharp most of the time. Depending on the connection, you can get a whole detailed description of an event or person, like the person's actions (humming because of happiness, pacing the floor, making a gesture) and the situation around!

- Gemini Moon


First time caller! Fast, honest, accurate! Very detailed, positive, gave insight for the future! Good things to come! Friendly and reassure everything would be fine!

- member18

"Precise & Excellent!"

This is a long overdue review. On my first call back in 2017, she said it would not work out with the man at the time but I would meet someone else for long-term. The old guy didn't work out(I am glad) and I met a new man as she described. She is to the point, very accurate how she sees the situation, insightful, provids honest and solid no-nonsense guidance. I have spoke to many but she is excellent! (many bulshit, misguide you and waste funds).

- brstar

"One of the best"

I talked with Leigha today for the first time. I’ve talked with other advisors on this site, and I must say I’m most impressed with Leigha. She was to the point, and HONEST. She told me it won’t work out with this guy because A, B, and C. All of which were behavior patterns I am already aware of, so I know it to be true. Other advisors said opposite, that it will work out with this guy. But my gut tells me Leigha is right. She also said I will meet someone more significant, and gave a timeframe. She gave good insight into what it will be like meeting this guy and told me a bit about him. I feel she was very honest. I also asked her about work and everything she said matched up there too. I left the reading feeling free, with no lingering questions or feeling as if I was being fed false hope. I normally only give 4 stars until predictions pass but I will give 5 stars today because I am completely satisfied with this reading. In the future she is the only advisor I will call.

- Brwneyes507


Thank you best reading ...all good ... thank you

- Redcloud

"Quick and to the point"

Leigha is always super quick to get the situation! She's also very expressive and thorough in her explanations. Describes what's going on in a person's mind with a touch of humor, and altogether talks in a fun way.. :)

- Moon in Gemini

"good reading"

tunes in well and doesn't waste your time, thank you

- AH

"On the money..."

thank you. very interesting reading. i thought it was right on the money.

- jkcnc


Thank you thank you! Leigh is truly the best one in here, she doesn't sugar code it and say it the way it is. I of course tested her with a question I already knew the answer to and she is the only who didn't fall into the trap... she told me: I rather be honest, I dont see it. Thank you for your honesty. and the best part she doesn't make you waste your time and money. Thank you again!

- Marie5454

"very reassuring "

dont tell you what you want to hear but very calming and reassuring. thank you :)

- Marie5454

"Touched by an Angel"

I was very satisfied with my reading this morning (Sept 1st). Leigha was very good. It was like speaking to an Angel. I’ll definitely be calling her again.

- Manolita

"Thank You!"

Wonderfully gifted helpful and sweet!

- mtnditti

"another great reading"

prediction came to pass, thank you Leigha

- Mistressleia


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