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Leigha was born psychic. The gifts she inherited are from her grandmother, Ellen, and her mother, Laura, and on down the line of the family tree on her mother’s side.

Some of the tools she uses, along with her Spirit Guides and psychic abilities are tarot card, runes, pendulums, candles and meditation. Depending on your needs and your desired outcome, she often uses several methods for reinforcement and accuracy.

As an advisor she will look deep inside to the root problem and help you end the grief that has stopped you from moving forward in your life.

Situations such as continuous failed relationships; trapped in an unfulfilled career choice; a forbidden or unrequited love; emotional, physical abuses and more.

Leigha’s readings are truthful. She will not sugar coat or fabricate only to tell you what you want to hear. She believes that a true reading gives you the advantage to make changes in your life to benefit from and be able to achieve true happiness, to be able to love the right person and not waste your time on the wrong connection only to be hurt over and over again.

In Leigha’s words: You can’t give love and happiness to someone else if you don’t already love yourself and are happy within. How can you give what you don’t already possess?



12/2/2020 12:53:28 AM UTC
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Praise for Leigha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Leigha's happy clients have to say.

"I almost left all my girlfriends..."

Because Leigha was so understanding, I felt like leaving all my girlfriends, including my best friends! Never had such an experience with any other reader.... Incredible, once again...

- *libra*rising


me: will my guide marry me if I didn't have my guy and he didn't have his wife? (oh boy, what a question..) Leigha: He's smiling... "Of course!"; you have two men who love you! you're lucky, because many people don't even have one. -- this was hilarious, you guys can think I'm stupid to ask such a thing on a paid phone call, and that Leigha only comforted me because she pitied me, but I believe this was true!!

- vaganova

"have to share this"

Leisha is amazingly in tune, always. She's also the sweetest. ...with another reader, I didn't click perfectly, and even the spirit who usually talks a lot and moves a lot was standing still while I had this other reader see him.. Leigha once told me that her pets were not moving and staring at her guest in her house. when this other reader described my usually active and articulate spirit guide as being quiet and still, I knew that he was being like Leigha's pets not liking her guest!!

- vaganova

"so fun!!"

it was so fun talking with Leigha!! satisfaction guaranteed because of her sterling character and amazingly detailed reading: Leigha saw where a certain thief grew up and went to school!!! ultra!

- vaganova



- lilswtmiss17

"best ever"

I called her about a job I interviewed for fwe weeks ago and she told me that I will not get an offer. She was right, i did not get job. Other advisors told me I wil get. If you want the truth, no sugat coating reading,, this is is your advisor. try her. She is this good.

- farmington

"''dance'' again!"

i just wrote a feedback for another reader who told me my spirit guide was dancing as an answer to my question, and Leigha had also told me she felt like my guide DANCED! this is very interesting... (the readings were on different days)

- vaganova

"Just great!"

Leigha is great. Quick and accurate. Super nice and friendly.

- Goldie

"Leigha is a gift!"

Leigha is a precious gift! She is so insightful and accurate. She has a great ability to read people and situations -- she is able to offer priceless understanding and predictions about what will come to pass.

- Cali Gal


She told me that the messages (before I asked anything) coming were "GO!!" (to see my friend). I was a little insulted because that wasn't the question I wanted to ask, and I wished they would respect my feelings to take my time to decide whether or not or when to go to my friend... When I said I was a little insulted, Leigha really cared, and earnestly followed up saying that neither she nor messengers meant to force me anything. I wasn't even REALLY insulted, just my ego and pride were hurt a little!! ...and I totally understand, when in tune, you can't shut out messages... I am and was really fine, but Thanks So Much, Leigha, for your sincerity and kindness!

- *libra*rising

"Spirit clapping hands !!!"

Leigha saw our ''father'' who passed on ''clapping hands'' in a flash of light!!! He was clapping to cheer for us ...(touched) Leigha is the third reader i read with to see him using his hands to give over messages! my counselor said he "put his hands together" to show that we were uniting, a professional medium said he's "making these moves with his hands while he's saying, 'wonderful, wonderful'...," and, "raising his hands to say Praise G-d"! Leigha also saw this father putting his arms around me to say, "don't worry"... I'm so touched...

- vaganova

"INCREDIBLE, incredible! July 2014"

This form I'm filling out now was for June, but I need to give a couple of 5 stars for the July readings. Really! I can't believe how incredible Leigha's reading were for this month (July '14)... Explained away EVERYTHING for me, and cleared all my uncertainties... I felt she got everything CRYSTAL CLEAR! No distortions at all. So REAL!! Even what she saw in the far future seemed so real. I couldn't be convinced more...

- *libra*rising


her profile is true. Leigha is excellent at picking up people's (my partner's) relationship issues. she also pointed out how i tend to perceive things as a sign of rejection when they're not.

- vaganova

"Great reading!"

I'm a big fan of Leigha. She offers great insight, and covers a lot of ground in a little time. Lots of details and great understanding. Thanks!

- Cali Gal

"To The Point"

Leigha captures the main point for issues in human relationships as well as advice from guides. A new fave medium for me!

- *libra*rising


Wonderful reader! Thank you!

- A.

"Leigha made me cry..."

I never cried so much with relief to an answer in a reading, up till now... I've had readings for the past 16 years on my personal close relationships. July 6th, 2014, Leigha really explained well how my man's deceased family sees us, and what was to be expected in the near future, on how they are going to deal with us, while my man and I go forward in our relationship. I understood perfectly the messages that Leigha got from the one I was worried about the most.. 50 stars.

- *libra*rising

"Love her!"

I have had a few readings with Leigha recently and have found her to be wonderful. She has remembered me each time, and each reading has gone more in-depth. Predictions seem to be in line with other advisors. Great! Highly recommend her!

- Cali Gal


Leigha pointed out for me that it's good that my guy can be funny in front of me. Because his being relaxed and saying whatever he wants to me, expressing himself freely (in a cute way that's not his mask) means that he can be himself in front of me. That's true... I wouldn't like it if someone important to me was with me everyday but never relaxe, always holding himself back...I needed to hear this from Leigha. Thank you!!

- *libra*rising

"So glad that she's back.."

Thank you, Leigha, for coming back on the line.... You are very understanding and very very accurate!!

- *libra*rising


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