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Leigha was born psychic. The gifts she inherited are from her grandmother, Ellen, and her mother, Laura, and on down the line of the family tree on her mother’s side.

Some of the tools she uses, along with her Spirit Guides and psychic abilities are tarot card, runes, pendulums, candles and meditation. Depending on your needs and your desired outcome, she often uses several methods for reinforcement and accuracy.

As an advisor she will look deep inside to the root problem and help you end the grief that has stopped you from moving forward in your life.

Situations such as continuous failed relationships; trapped in an unfulfilled career choice; a forbidden or unrequited love; emotional, physical abuses and more.

Leigha’s readings are truthful. She will not sugar coat or fabricate only to tell you what you want to hear. She believes that a true reading gives you the advantage to make changes in your life to benefit from and be able to achieve true happiness, to be able to love the right person and not waste your time on the wrong connection only to be hurt over and over again.

In Leigha’s words: You can’t give love and happiness to someone else if you don’t already love yourself and are happy within. How can you give what you don’t already possess?



12/2/2020 1:07:01 AM UTC
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Praise for Leigha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Leigha's happy clients have to say.

"Real Psychic"

Leigha is amazingly quick and detailed! Also fun, fair, and understanding! Though I did decide to quit getting readings about my man from her, I can bring everything else to her with 100% confidence!

- Gemini

"Still a Top Psychic"

When I click with Leigha, it's just unbelievable how detailed and accurate she is! There were just a few times I felt she was off with my man, and I'm afraid our friendship gets in the way of her seeing my closest one from a distance, but Leigha's abilities are unquestionable!

- Gemini

"So Fun!"

Leigha is open to my jokes, and she returns them with humor, too! It's sad when readers are so "high up there" that they can't accept some laughter.. If you want a flexible, fun, but serious with reading reader, Leigha should be on your list to try!

- Moon in Leighas Sun Sign

"I wish I could be friends with Leigha"

I wish we could be psychic friends reading for each other, not through any company, and exchanging our inspirations without worrying about time and money! She's that nice!!

- *libra*rising

"Incredible Talent PLUS"

Okay, so what kind of "product" does this title seem to advertise? - Joking! I need to comment that not only is Leigha very very psychic, but is very very ETHICAL.. If anyone ever felt his psychic wasn't firm on his ground as a person, he must try Leigha's reading before giving up!

- *libra*rising

"Most of the time, 100%"

She's 100% right, most of the time. Only once in a while she misunderstands my question, or catches something else.

- *libra*rising


still seen me and him will be together just slowly

- jodine

"Right on the money"

Said even though my man has been engaged before and I'm divorced, we have never felt closer to anyone else than we do with each other. Only a couple of my regulars had pointed that out. She predicted we will live together after April (-June) and may even get married soon after. She's also one of a handful of deep, detailed readers here.

- Mistressleia

"Very Strong Power"

Penetrating insight!! She dug into a problem of a couple that was hidden from the public eye, in an amazingly detailed report! It was as if Leigha actually saw it all going on in their house! Great... No sugar-coating, as advertised!!

- *libra*rising

"INCREDIBLY correct"

Leigha said that my internet friend missed my mention of another user, and that he would help the other user once he sees it when I bring it up again. YES, EXACTLY! That's what happened!!

- LibraRising

"Leigha was right"

I asked Leigha when she thought I might meet my man's family, she said I would meet his sister's first perhaps if they come up here to visit him. We are in VA and they are in SC and never come up here but I was surprised when my man told me a few weeks later that they were planning a trip up here in March.

- Mistressleia


one of the best on here she will tell u the good and the bad she see me and him will be together by march

- jodine

"Beautiful Soul"

I'm so lucky to have found Leigha. She is extremely caring and beautiful... True, it is to my benefit that Leigha does not hide any problems she sees in my Internet friend. This way I am equipped with the knowledge needed to protect myself and other friends.

- Gemini Moon

"Extremely Accurate"

Clear, quick, and accurate! Leigha really reads people's personalities, and understands my challenges with people. Thank you, Leigha!!

- Leigha is Great


Excuse me for the not-smart-looking title! But I can't contain my excitement!! Leigha is Great!! Wowww! She Hit It about my Internet friends!! With only the first name, in an instant, she got the whole attitude of one of them, and then, I don't know how, but completely analyzed the actions of someone else... I never had such a detailed, accurate, fast reading on Internet connections, from any other reader!

- Moon In Leigha's Sun Sign ;)

"Only one complaint"

Leigha is fabulous. There's only one real complaint... I think she should be more sensitive, and avoid saying her negative opinions about my culture. Leigha, I know you meant to be open and friendly, but it's really annoying when you comment on things that I didn't ask for. You're still a 5 Star reader for me!

- restricted Gemini


I like it that Leigha is open and straight! Quick to pick up, too!

- Libra Ascendant

"the best personality"

i would love to meet Leigha in person!

- love Leigha


Leigha is amazingly sincere. She would not fake anything!

- Moon in Gemini

"fun and soothing"

Leigha is so fun and soothing! I love her humor, and clean readings!

- vaganova


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