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Leigha was born psychic. The gifts she inherited are from her grandmother, Ellen, and her mother, Laura, and on down the line of the family tree on her mother’s side.

Some of the tools she uses, along with her Spirit Guides and psychic abilities are tarot card, runes, pendulums, candles and meditation. Depending on your needs and your desired outcome, she often uses several methods for reinforcement and accuracy.

As an advisor she will look deep inside to the root problem and help you end the grief that has stopped you from moving forward in your life.

Situations such as continuous failed relationships; trapped in an unfulfilled career choice; a forbidden or unrequited love; emotional, physical abuses and more.

Leigha’s readings are truthful. She will not sugar coat or fabricate only to tell you what you want to hear. She believes that a true reading gives you the advantage to make changes in your life to benefit from and be able to achieve true happiness, to be able to love the right person and not waste your time on the wrong connection only to be hurt over and over again.

In Leigha’s words: You can’t give love and happiness to someone else if you don’t already love yourself and are happy within. How can you give what you don’t already possess?



12/2/2020 1:00:00 AM UTC
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Praise for Leigha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Leigha's happy clients have to say.


Almost always perfect! To say one imperfect thing, Leigha didn't remember that I had been calling for over a year, and somehow thought I started calling "January (2014)" - back in July 2014 -- but that's okay, because it's much better than readers remembering too much and being influenced by past readings! Leigha did a fresh reading for me, and although she had forgotten my past, she was right on again!

- *libra*

"great memories"

Summer 2014 was when Leigha and I talked a lot, even off of readings, and yet I felt so warm and happy...

- vaganova


Amazing accuracy and cares for her client. Thank you.

- Jkt

"to be too honest..."

I wish people giving 4 stars to Leigha would stop calling Leigha. I wish I could go ahead and do the same to their favorites, but that's not ethical... Leigha has an amazing talent!

- vaganova

"a friend"

Leigha is a friend that lets me feel that she is on my side. You can tell that she truly means to support you, whatever you are going through in life.

- vaganova

"for your best interest"

Leigha is like a sister who truly watches out for your well being.

- vaganova

"i don't know how she does it!"

how does Leigha know that he likes my hair?? Leigha picks up things without any fishing...

- vaganova


long time i havent talk to her but she was great 4 months ago she told me she didnt think we gonna be together until december she was correct nothing have happen but she saw good things for us now she dont think me and hubby its over she rock people she dont lie call her.

- god child

"I wish I could talk to her more!"

I really wish I had more money to talk to her every time she's on! Excellent humor and taste to top off her great ability!

- *libra*rising

"never ever mean"

Leigha is never, ever mean to me. and I believe, never ever mean to anyone.. some other advisors changed their attitude once i said or wrote something even slightly negative. but Leigha does not change. she is so mature and beautiful.....

- vaganova

"Hertfelt Gratitude for Leigha"

Somebody, maybe a few people, complained about me, when I was down because of a shocking experience with one woman.. "Shame on them," said Leigha... Thank you for your compassion... This was two months ago. Now I am strong and fine! But thank you again.

- Mercury in Gemini

"Excellent (sorry for my late feedback)"

Leigha is like a clear glass of water; no impurities, shining and smooth, reflecting everything, but adding rainbow colors subtly... and quenching my thirst for spirit communication!

- *libra*rising

"Just an Amazing personality"

The title says it. And it's not because my moon sign is her sun sign! But I would love to see her horoscope: what special combination is she living out here for us?!

- Moon in Gemini

"Quick, Sharp, Wonderful...!"

Whooosh! She zooms in to the center of the problem, like my friendship, family, or work problem, and IMMEDIATELY has the whole picture! Again, INCREDIBLE!!

- *libra*rising


it was an extremely pleasant reading!!! she was so right about my new internet friend's behavior, even though I didn't talk about it! and about my behavior,too - how did she know??? just so on the spot with everything she said! the only part I can't tell is about my internet friend talking with real friends about me -- I have no idea if that happened (or is about to happen, as sometimes psychics read ahead as if the thing was already happening), but I didn't (and wouldn't) mind! it's nice to have some mystery :)

- vaganova

"Sooo Awesome, Clear, Precise and Helpful"

Not only was she able to hone in on the problem, the person, and the manner of which this person was affecting me; though not through direct contact....but she offered me a way to diffuse the problem. She gave good and detailed advice on something that has been affecting me all of my life. For the first time, I felt as if someone had empathy for the situation that was so detrimental to me. This is the only time anyone had agreed there was a problem with my mother and her distorted view of who I was to her. I will continue to come back to obtain Leigha's advise.

- LynStar


Leigha is straight to the point and has a lot to say when you ask a question. Her readings are extremely detailed and she has proven to be 100% correct with her readings. She is a true reader that I trust, very very good.

- getyolife

"Always to the Point!"

Just amazing!! My guy is "pretending to be patient and okay" but "impatient inside, like a kid" -- ABSOLUTELY! Made total sense!! I think he was also jealous about what happened last night, as Leigha said (this feedback is for last night); he showed it this morning!!

- *libra*rising

"Leigha unveiled the mystery"

Leigha was great! It was about someone I broke up with some years ago. The sudden change in his attitude left me broken hearted... Leigha said I was like a "chocolate cookie on the table that he wasn't allowed to eat" - I got it!! Her parable was perfect! So perfect: he liked chocolate, and was really watching his calories!!

- *libra*rising

"to be a true friend"

August 2014... after some days of not calling (I didn't have enough money!), I called again, and Leigha truly sounded happy as if a good friend called! she's almost like a sister to me... I can honestly just visit her with a lunch for two, and some treats for her pets, if we lived closer! thanks so much for thinking about me, even when I don't call...!

- vaganova


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