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White Owl
21 December 2009
This week brims with powerful astrological influences involving several planetary forces. During the weekend of December 19 – 20, the planets Venus and Uranus move into a square relationship and Mars begins to go retrograde.   More»
White Owl
14 December 2009
December 13 – 19 leads up to those sensed impending changes. What we can look for this week centers on the arrival of New Moon on Wednesday, December 16. This day will see us bounce back from recent doldrums. Why? Because our energy levels and emotional tones tend to rev up in the two weeks between New and Full Moon, and then slowly settle into quietude during Old Moon, which takes place in the two weeks between Full and New. The Old Moon portion of the cycle is therefore frequently a time of decreased motivation, lowered vitality, letting go, turning inward, and sorting through our impressions in a subjective way.   More»
White Owl
7 December 2009
Although we might prefer a lighthearted mood at year’s end, the truth is that early December 2009 finds us all in the midst of personal and world developments requiring deep thought and a meaningful, focused response.   More»
Jeanmarie (Witchster)
3 December 2009
Dear Jeanmarie, This is the first Christmas that I will be spending alone and I am scared. My husband passed away this past year and for the first time both my sons will be out of the country. I’ve decided not to decorate since no one will be home to enjoy it, but on the other hand I’ve always decorated my home and Christmas was always celebrated at my house. I have so many questions swirling around in my head. I am so confused….Help!!! Empty and Confused.   More»
19 October 2009
Feng Shui means wind and water and it's basic premise is that chi, the life energy surrounding us all, can be changed so that our environment nourishes and supports us. Find out how to use this energy to empower your life today!   More»
21 August 2009
his week we are going to be talking about implementing the Law of Attraction. Before we even start, I want to address the issue of other people in your life. Please take these other people into consideration. If you are married, or in a committed relationship, talk things over with your partner. Your goals need to reflect what both of you want – sending out the thought that you want a new job, in a new state, then having that job appear, complete with a move, and “then” springing it on your significant other may just cause a few problems! Place an Arsenio Hall “Hmmmmm” here!   More»
12 August 2009
This week we are going to be talking about the Law of Attraction. I first heard about the Law of Attraction from the DVD The Secret. Some people want to put this movie down – I think that it carries a great message, and brings people into our lives that perhaps we would not have crossed paths with otherwise. Time spent watching this DVD is time well spent! (Note: The Secret is also available in audio and print formats.   More»
29 July 2009
Find Power in Your Chakras! The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel. The chakra system consists of those seven centers of spinning wheels of energy located along the spine that process the energy in the body. Learn more about what each chakra represents and how how to use them to find your power.   More»
15 July 2009
This week we are going to be discussing relationships – how to understand them, and how to make them stronger. Relationship clutter is just as viable an entity as the clutter in our living room – we need to take the time to honor what is supportive of us, and release that which is not nurturing, and not supportive.   More»
1 July 2009
This week we are going to be discussing the tool of staying in the present. What makes the act of staying in the present a tool of empowerment? When our focus is on the present moment, we free ourselves to see what is there, and to react accordingly. We are not tied to the past, to the things that created the present moment. And we are not projecting ourselves into a future that is not there yet. We are grounded in the reality of the moment.   More»